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Outdoor Disc Cookers

Willborn’s Disc Cookers are the “must have” device for the serious chef. Designed with the perfect cooking surface and 14,000 BTU Burner, our Disc Cookers make cooking your family’s favorites such as fajitas, steaks, chicken, corn, burgers, hotdogs, fried rice quick, easy and delicious.
Whether serving as the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen or on the go tossed in the trunk, Willborn’s Disc Cookers are hand crafted in Texas from heavy-gauge steel and are built to last a lifetime. Our patent-pending portable model has removable legs allowing you to easily covert the unit into a turkey fryer or seafood boiler. With one cooker, you can serve many different possibilities.
Unlike other inferior cookers, we use a two stage, XX,XXX BTU Burner, giving you the ability to fine tune the perfect cooking temperature. From a low and slow simmer to a searing blast, our burner gives new meaning to the words “cooking with gas”. Wether it’s mouthwatering fajitas after the big game, to a Thanksgiving turkey they’ll ask for every day, to fresh boiled crawfish at the beach, Willborn’s Disc Cooker cook’s up amazing food and amazing memories.

Genuine plow-disc and tank-head cook-tops that create a substantial, XX diameter cooking surface that only grow better over time
Stationary units weigh XX pounds and provide a sturdy and stable cook top
Portable units weigh XX pounds and can easily be converted to a turkey fryer or seafood boiler.
High output XX,XXX, two stage burner

Cooker Accessories:
Tank Head Cook Surface with flanged lip and pouring spout
Plow disc cook-top, also know as a Discada
Pre-fab stainless Comal or Wok Cooktop
Stainless Turkey fryer / Seafood boil pot
Stainless Steamer
Replacement high-pressure burner kit
Need something else? Call us and we’ll make it!