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Our History

Willborn Tank and Fuel Systems was founded as Willborn Brothers in 1911. The company played an important role in developing the ranching and agricultural industries of the Texas Panhandle by manufacturing water storage and stock tanks. In response to a growing demand from the petroleum industry, the company began to manufacture petroleum storage tanks and tank wagons for area oil companies, many of which are still in business today.

In the early 1980’s, Willborn began to distribute fuel systems and developed an installation and service department for fuel dispensing equipment. Chan Davidson and Jodi Davidson - Teal purchased the company in 2012 and has positioned it to be the premier provider in our areas of operation.

Willborn takes great pride in our history and the role we have played in developing the key industries of our area over the last 100 years. We are deeply committed to serving the needs of our customers in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico Kansas, and Colorado for many years to come.

We recently uncovered a box of pictures from Willborn’s early days, most from the 1920’s. We invite you to browse the pictures below as we celebrate our century milestone.