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Automatic Tank Gauges

Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG’s) help petroleum retailers and fleet managers to create a system of comprehensive fuel information management that can efficiently handle the details of wet-stock management and environmental compliance. Advanced functions such as centralized site management, precision inventory reconciliation, and loss prevention analysis can also provide higher levels of fuel management capabilities.

Just a few of the many benefits:

  • Increase your uptime with fewer and faster service calls through remote diagnostics and customized alarms.

  • Save time with remote or local site management using flexible networking options and email notifications.

  • Manage your wet stock efficiently through robust data collection rules, confirming your tanks and lines are tight, and providing convenient wet stock reports on-demand.

  • Flexible and upgrade-ready from advanced processing power and architecture to highly flexible configuration and remote upgrades.

  • Navigate the ATG tool easily using an intuitive graphical interface, onboard help function and custom alarm management.


Willborn is a proud distributor of many different tank gauging options that include industry leaders OPW and Veeder Root.

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