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Fuel Dispensing Systems

Whether fueling heavy equipment, over the road tractor trailers, lawnmowers or golf carts, Willborn has the fuel dispensing system for your application. For over 100 years Willborn has been the industry leader in manufacturing UL listed underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks.

  • 10, 20 or 40 gallons per minute

  • 50 to 50,000 gallon tank capacities available

  • Storage tanks built to Underwriters Laboratories construction

  • Single or double wall steel tank configurations available:

    1. STI's F-921 dual wall construction

    2. Fireguard, 2 hour fire rated, ballistics, impact, and stream hose certified

    3. SuperVault, 4 hour fire rated, Multi-Hazard, ballistics, impact, and stream hose certified

  • Also available in rectangular tank constructions up to 24,000 gallons

  • Available with multiple compartments for multiple fuel storage

  • Tanks may be supported on stationary saddles, anti-roll stabilizers or structural skid configurations

  • Tanks can be lined internally for special applications.

  • Systems can be designed for use with gasoline, diesel fuel, AV Gas, Jet-A, fuel oil or ethanol

  • Tanks available with pump platforms and accessories

  • Name brand fuel dispensing equipment utilized

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